5Senses was born out of passion and love for flowers, their form, their scent, their natural beauty. With their unique character, flowers can overwhelm, capture, seduce or inspire us.

Flowers are everywhere around us and they are a natural part of our existence. Nevertheless, we feel that they cannot be completely removed from their context, so to capture that single instant we try to infuse our works with a reason to be there and then.

We strive to create works that fully express that time and moment; a concept that goes beyond the beauty of an ikebana arrangement, as it exhaustively captures the special occasion and ambience for which they were created.

5Senses creates ikebana arrangements that please not only the eye but also the heart. We try to incorporate each work of art, as much as possible, into our sensorial range, to create unique, customised arrangements made to fit the occasion for which they were conceived.


5Senses goes beyond a beautiful ikebana arrangement. 5Senses offers an experience.


Nicoleta Oprisan

Ikebana Artist stamp
Sogetsu Teachers Association Member
Ikebana International Member


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