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Sense of Touch

A unique collaboration of ikebana and martial art. Stunning scenery at Temple 臨済宗大徳寺派寺院霊泉院 in Hiroo. A temple engrossed in 350 years of history with beautiful manicured inner gardens and stunning interior. All arrangements are conceived to naturally blend into the scenery and decor.
Yamaguchi sensei’s kata demonstration added power and strength to all the arrangements.

The outside display complements the beauty of the garden itself, with bamboo and driftwood for a natural, grounded feel. The soft lines of the curved bamboo strips bring harmony to the arrangement while the Japanese quince and camellia add touches of colour.

The arrangements inside the temple are inspired by the yin and yang philosophy. The analogy of master-disciple is created with contrasting white and black containers and also with flowers in full bloom vs. blossoms. Red is used to symbolise passion.

A more contemplative display was created for the tea room, to soothe and relax.